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“She speaks a one word sentence in the Finnish language: Juoksentilisinkohan. Which means: I wonder if I should
run around without a particular destination.”

The Lowest Part of Anything’s Dream; or the Clue With Which We Wind Up Thread;

Adapted from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by one william shopkeeper by macaw wellman

under the Power of Certain Nefarious Elves.

at Deep Carnivale
Sunday, September 12, 1 pm
in the Studio Theatre, Performing Arts Building, HCC Ybor City,
on the corner of Palm Ave and 14th Street, Tampa, FL 33605.

Featuring Dahlia Legault and Nicole J. Smith. Free.

See the landscape of Anything’s Dream, or our Facebook event page.

Anything’s Dream

by Mac Wellman

Alley Cat Players